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Teen Driver Safety: An Absolute Must! - Keep kids safe!

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A short clip about "surviving the drive"

I was recently speaking with a buddy of mine who was in the market for a used car for his 17 year old daughter. He was asking me about not only what I thought he should get her, but why. We talked about safety, performance, size, economy and reliability. Basically all the mainstays that anyone would want to know about. Since we were talking about a 17 year old girl, the first thing that came to his mind was how to prevent her from texting while driving. My answer… get her a car with a manual transmission. For some reason this never entered his mind, but when I said it you could see the light bulb go off in his head. If you’ve got one hand on the wheel and the other on the gear lever, then the probability of you texting someone goes down exponentially.

Well said, that is honestly one of the best solution is having your kid drive a stick car.. so then they don't have hand to multitask, and they wont be great manual drivers for a while, so it a good thing to bring back manual in a lot of our cars!
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Simple buy them a manual car,, so they have no hands to txt or call!

Also buy them a car that has leff features and something simple as well!
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