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2010 2LT Equinox. Pretty much the same thing as the Terrain except a few extras in the Terrain and the different sheet metal.
2010 2LT Equinox, is pretty much the same thing as the 2010 Terrain minus a few extras in the terrain, and the different metal body

The good:

- Exceptional interior design, but the design itself is stellar. Looks much more expensive than it really is.

- From what ive read from an owner who had one for 14th months, its been a pretty good run so far, but then again this is the 2010 model gmc terrain, but the owner did say a few things were fixed @ the dealership under his warranty, an update for his transmission and a loose coupling but that was loose, but over all he said not a bad car for something that just came out,
So hopefully the 2011 GMC terrain wont have that transmission.

- 4 cyl. is good enough for a daily driver. No complaints AT ALL in getting it. Sure more power would be welcome but we don't need it. We use the thing as a station wagon. I am often surprised it does have a 4 cyl. since the engine is pretty torquey for the size/displacement. The 6 speed automatic is likely helping a lot out too (the unit is quite smooth shifting, like any GM automatic).

- Idle is smooth. GM finally figured out how to design a smooth idling 4 banger!

The bad:

- City MPG is 22-24 easily; no problem beating the EPA number. 32mpg freeway? Not so easy. You need to keep speed at 65mph, with cruise control on AND the tranny in ECO mode to get 32mpg. If you run it at 70-75mph on the freeway and use the AC, don't expect better than 28mpg.

- Handling isn't as crisp as a sedan. It is lighter on it's feet , maybe the wheels or the electric steering. than I ever expected such a large vehicle to be.

- It's overly light for my tastes. I wasn't a fan of electric steering assist and the Equinox verifies it.

The ugly:

- ECO mode makes the vehicle a pitiful slug. Don't bother with it in the city; makes the idle buzzy, transmission hatefully won't downshift easily (all by design). The marginal city MPG improvement isn't worth the lousy drive. We use it on the freeway only.

- Possible issues with the high-pressure fuel pump. I've seen some reports in the GMI tech section of owners with 40,000 mi. or more having some issues but the jury is still out on whether it's a mass problem, yet? Time will tell wither this car will have more issues as it grows

Over all from what ive found out its not a bad car, all GMC need to do is fix that eco mode and there set! what do you guys think?

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Overall the 2010 terrain has been a good vehicle for my family. We now have 60k + miles on it and the air conditioner is starting to fail. My wife and I are going to have it looked at by the local dealership. If the compressor is bad already I am going to get rid of it. Hopefully that is not the case though.
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