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TERRAIN Floor mats

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I bought these through CarId and they are the greatest mats..better than weathertech IMHO..They don't look like hard plastic..they look like they are made of fabric and fit like a glove with up turned edges to keep the debris on the mat like weathertech does...If they get too gunked up, I just pull them out, hose them off and they are clean as new again..sometimes I need to use a bristled brush to deep clean them.

ARIES 3D Floor Liners ARIES floor liners are more than simple floor mats for your vehicle. The difference is their three-layer construction, refined look, and custom fit. Each floor liner starts with a bottom layer of Maxpider fibers to grip your carpet with thousands of contact points. The middle layer is cross-linked polyethylene (XPE) foam, designed to be waterproof, impact-absorbent, thermostatic, and sound-insulating. The top layer of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) provides durable wear protection and a sleek look for your interior. When this three-layer construction is combined with a custom-molded fit for your vehicle, the ARIES floor liner gives you ultimate protection, safety, and comfort for your ride.

Aries® CH01411509 - 3D 1st Row Black Floor Liner

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2017 Terrain and Husky floor liners

Those look like a great fit also. Thought I would show how the Husky liners fit. Husky was a little cheaper at $168 Cdn from A couple edges are raised a little but fit perfect with a push down. I think a little time and gravity will fix


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