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Terrain inline 4 mileage - disappointment

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That the advertised amount , that GMC sells their Terrain, isn't the same as the real car.

People say that the 29MPG cannot be reach and people are receiving much lower, MPG rating.

As own owner said:

Pros: I love the interior space, all the storage in the vehicle. It is beautifully designed. I love were the controls are. Bluetooth is great, of course not all phones can pair.
Cons: I am disappointed of the mpg. I feel cheated! this SUV advertises 29 for AWD and 32 mpg for FWD. My SUV is avg 20mpg. very diff. story. I am very upset, being a long distance commuter I have driven slow, with cruise control, eco mode doesn't matter
Summary: The SUV looks good, feels good, drives expensive! doesn't give the mileage advertised.

The car is a great car but the mileage just isn't the same...
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I did some research before buying so I knew it was not going to be what was stated. I have the inline 4 and get 23 MPG average.

Mind you this is on a 2011 Terrain with about 1400 miles total so far. Most of those miles were highway (two trips to Houston, Texas). The vehicle was not in ECO mode at the time. I plan to see how ECO works out the next time I fill up. I'm also going to try some premium gas just to see if that makes a difference.
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