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Here is a nice write up, done bya GMC Terrain owner,

Step #1 - Be prepared with the following:
1.- Shop towels paper or Rags (lots)
2.- Filter Part PF48 (I bought it from the dealership)
3.- 5 lts of you oil of choice, mine is Mobil 1
4.- Oil pan or bucket of at least 8 lts (9 qts) capacity
5.- Open or close wrench of 15 mm
6.- Oil filter removal wrench (some call it filter removal wrench draper)
7.- Vinyl gloves (oil is harmful for the skin) or mechanic gloves that you don't mind getting oil on them
8.- Cat litter or other spill absorbant (cause you will spill oil)
9.- Funnel (any kind except paper and make sure is clean!!)

Step #2 - Warm up the Terrain and park it in the garage (assuming is level),

Step #3 - Loose the oil filter using your hand or a wrench,Remember just loose it a bit, DO NOT remove yet. (The purpose is to release any vacuum left in the filter)

Step #4 - Get your arm under the car and using the 15 mm wrench loose the oil drain plug. Just loose it enough so you can remove with hand.

Step #5 - Place oil pan/bucket under the drain plug and remove the plug.
Place oil pan under the drain plug and undo the bolt.
WATCH OUT! The drain plug is facing the back of the SUV so when you completely remove it the oil will shoot back like 5 inches from it so be prepared! Place the pan not right under but in place to catch the oil.

Step #6 - Remove by hand the oil filter
Place a shop towel under the filter so you don't spill any oil (the filter is horizontally mounted).

Step #7 - Let it drain...

Step #8 - Re-install the drain plug
Go under again and re-install the drain plug, the torque is 15 ft. lbs. just enogh to feel it tight, no need to super tight it cause it has a rubber gasket that you may want to replace if its damaged.

Step #9 - Install the new oil filter.
Get the new filter and pour a few drops of oil on the rubber gasket and smear it with your finger, then install.

Step #10 - Get the oil and funnel ready

Step #11 - Pour Oil into engine
Before you open the oil filter cap blow or clean any dirt or debrie around it.
Open the cap and put aside upside down so you don't let it touch any dirt!
Place the funnel and pour 5.3lts of oil (as per GM Specs for oil change with filter). I pourred 4 then one more and yes, GM was spot on! It is 5.3 lts (5.6 US Quarts)


Step #12 - Start up the SUV and reset the oil life via DIC (just press the clear button when showing the oil life and you'll be prompted to confirm if you want to clear)

Step #13 - With the engine running let it idle and check for leaks.

Step #14 - Re-bottle the old oil and dispose it responsibly.

Note: After the oil change the new oil is so clear that you can barely read it on the rod!

Hope this helps you DIY guys who want to do their own oil changes!
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