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Test Drive: 5 Reasons the 2013 GMC Terrain Is a Great City Truck

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Your friend in Kansas City drives a monster truck. Your old college roommate who calls Barcelona home pushes a two-seater doll car.

You live in a city where most of the streets are wide, but some are narrow; maybe even a few cobble stones. It's an obstacle course flooded with pedestrians--on foot and fixie--where traffic is a given and parking is a dream.

If you want to own a truck in a place like this, the GMC Terrain should be on your shopping list.

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Test Drive: 5 Reasons the 2013 GMC Terrain Is a Great City Truck | Complex
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It's Spacious Without Being Massive
Need to hit that Oktoberfest barbecue at your boy's place out in the suburbs? Your IPhone is lighting up right now. Your friends are looking for a ride, and you can take four of them with you... provided they load up the trunk with a side of beef.

It's Parkable
More isn't always more. Most crossovers are around 190" long. The Terrain is 185" (15'5"). Half a foot may not seem like much but it makes all the difference in the world when you're parallel parking between a motorcycle and a UPS truck.

It also comes with a rear-view parking camera and a 112" wheelbase--wider than most of its competitors--that makes tight corners easier to conquer.

It Has Great Safety Features
The airbags are copious and presumably pillow soft. Let's hope you never have to find out. Fog lamps, traction control and 4-wheel disc brakes all come standard.

You can also turn on the lights and start the car remotely so no one can ever creep up on you in the parking lot. Even if they try you can beat a heated retreat. If that doesn't work there's always OnStar.

"OnStar, how can i help you?"

"There's a blunted struggle rapper banging on my window. He's threatening me with a bodega bag filled with mix CDs."
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The Interior Is Fancy
The steering wheel and main console put tons of features in your hands. Cruise control, trip navigation, Bluetooth, hands-free communication system: check, check, check and check.

You can't roll without beats? You can load up your own music via USB and CD or tap the satellite radio. Shade 45 anyone?

All the seats are comfortable, even the ones in the back. No matter where you sit, you get at least 40" of leg room.

It Rolls
We put it to the test all over NYC. Whether it was rush hour traffic on the ramshackle BQE or narrow roadways on the city's bridges, the Terrain's engine stayed peppy and delivered a smooth ride. Also, its 22 MPG city and 32 MPG highway make it one of the most fuel-efficient crossovers on the streets.

Besides, look at that grill. That's your chain's reflection dancing on all that chrome. Whoever claimed Americans don't make cool cars was napping when the Terrain rolled out of Detroit.
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