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Did some research on the subject:

I have a new 2015 Terrain Denali--V6/AWD (250 miles on the odo)...And I noticed my Transmission fluid was not showing on the DIP-STICK at idle and while hot, while in park..It did show up about half way up the XXXX marks on the end when the engine was off...So some say check while engine is running at operating temps and in park, or check it with engine off and hot...I couldn't find a definitive answer on the web.

So I called the experts at a GMC dealer, the service foreman and he said to:

Drive it around a while to get the engine and transmission up to operating temps (HOT) about 200 degrees F....Then park it on a level surface while in park and at Idle....Check the fluid level immediately and it should be at or near the top of the MAX mark on the dip-stick..I had to add about a half of a quart of Dexron VI to bring it up into range on the dip-stick..The dealer Service foreman also said GM always seems to send these cars out a little low on this fluid from the factory...

Something worth checking into.
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