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17 Terrain 3.6. Just turned 60k. Check engine light on. Code P0300. Still haven't had it checked out. Definitely a mis fire on cold start. But the past few weeks it's been doing a weird start up in the morning. Cold start. Turn the key it cranks...but then there is like a 5 to 10 second pause and then it seems to go thru the cycle and start. Today when I cranked it ...nothing.. did this twice. And on the third time it did the weird pause and then cranked up. I dont believe its battery related as the light is not on. And when it does start the tailpipes in the the back are like a smoke machine at a rock concert. Also noticed a weird maybe burning smell coming from the engine compartment when I had the hood open. Also noticed last week the coolant bottle was empty. Anyone have any ideas please let me know. Thanks. I have a video of how it starts but it will not let me upload it
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