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What Determines My Car Insurance

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Do you know what the average price of car insurance is in the U.S? Want to know what determines your car insurance prices, and what factors go into the calculation of those premiums? We've put together this helpful infographic to help you better understand what exactly you're paying for and how your car insurer views you. Looking at this infographic, a person can quickly see how their car insurance price is calculated and what factors make up the biggest portions of the price.

Follow the Link to see a full size image chart, in percentages, of which factors way the most, ad etc
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wow... insurance companies are very biased ass-holes!

But i guess its their only way to protect themselves against loosing money, after all it is a business they have to run.

Though it make me wonder why my job wouldn't make a difference, if only insurance companies actually rate you on your skill of driving..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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