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What do you like about the GMC Terrain? Dislike?

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For owners, or prospective buys, what exactly appealed to you about the Terrain over other cars? Was it specific feature that you liked?

On the flipside, what don't you like? Is there something you would change or improve?
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i like the size. I also like the look of the car. But I'm still not sold on it because I feel I could get it cheaper somewhere else, but I'm still investigating this forum. So we'll see :)
The size was good for my current needs, was very happy with my previous GMC. Good gas mileage was attractive. All the little luxuries (remote start, gps, Intellilink, heated seats, sun roof, backup cam) were nice additions.
I liked the blank slate. I had come from a line a modified vehicles before this one. I needed the extra space that a Challenger could not afford. So I went with the Terrain, because of the potential.

Finding modified Terrains though.... I would have thought I could find at LEAST 1.....nope.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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