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Whats the best way to break in a new Terrain

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so when i pick up mine what would be the best way to break it in? some people believe in doing a hard break in while others believe in doing a soft break in. which one do you recommend and why?
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^I partially agree with what youre saying. But the problem with that is the manufacturer already puts a certain amount of miles before it even gets delivered to you. Also add to that the amount of miles thats added when its delivered and you almost 100% have missed the period when you can do a hard break in. So I always do a soft break in.
so what do you recommend the maximum mileage allowed to still properly do a hard break in? not saying i would do a hard break in over a soft break in. but just in case i do decide to go that route.
I just drive it as I normally would.

Pretty much anymore the MFG just recomend to just drive it at varing speeds and not just get on the highway and drive 500 miles straight.

But even that will normally not hurt anything either. The engines are pretty well machined and set to go when you buy them.

I would recomend going out and bedding in the brakes as the MFG does not do this and often it will lead to the pulsing pedal many mistake for warped rotors.

Seating or bedding them in puts a layer of pad material on the rotor and keeps the surface friction even. If not the material from the pads can become hot and stick to the rotor uneven and cause the pedal to pulse.
Hi: I am a new member. I get my new terrain few days ago. It runs excellent. It missing the roof rack and I would like to get one to improve the looking of the terrain.
Notable features on this car include a standard 7-inch screen with Chevy's new MyLink system and Bluetooth. Plus, power windows, air conditioning and 10 airbags come standard.
I break in new cars driving normally in city braking in brakes with soft peddle. Then get out on county road and do 55, slowing down at small communities, then get on I system for a spell. I have a certain loop I make which is about 45 minutes and do that the first 5 days. About 40 miles per day or first 200 miles. Then drive whatever comes up, errands around town, take a ride to a town for lunch that has mixed speed limits for another 300 miles.
Then I change oil and filter around 1000 miles to Mobil 1.
IMO, I would not recommend hard braking and fast starts...etc. To each his own.
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