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My wipers stopped working. The motor was running but the wipers didn't move and I could move them by hand.

I took it to my dealer and the linkage had disconnected from the wiper arms and the linkage had to be replaced. A $400 repair. I have an insurance policy but it only covered the motor and not the linkage. I called GMC and found there is a recall on this issue because the ball joints degrade. There is no replacement yet so the recall is not valid until GMC figures out the repair and replacement for the linkage.

I found GMC to be very helpful as they took my vehicle information and will contact me when the recall is validated. I can then recoup my $400. The dealer was aware of this as well so I am confident of a reimbursement.

All in all a good job by all concerned.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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