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Hi! Wondering if anyone can help with this one -
I have a 2012 Equinox (3.0 ) and a 2016 Terrain (3.6 ) I will have to get new wheels & tires for the Terrain, but they are 18" with lower profile tires and the equinox is 17" with higher profile. Now, first thing is, does anyone know if the same rims off the equinox will fit the Terrain ( assuming the bolt pattern is the same ) without rubbing anything? Secondly, given that I don't want ( or need ) low profile winter tires, can I go for a smaller rim and a higher profile tire? I have to be honest, bigger rims & lower profile winter tires get expensive, basically for something that you trash throughout the winter. Info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi Ted..

First thing..Look at the width number on the tires 55 or 65 will work..I have the 19" wheels so the tires are P235/ the 18" wheel, the tires are P235/55R18..In the 17" size, the tire should be P225/65R17..All of these tires are interchangeable with the Terrain and Equinox...The first number is the diameter of the tire (225 or 235) either of which will work without clearance issues..

Something to keep in mind though. If the Diameter is different than the original tire size your car came with, your speed-o-meter will read different than actual speed.

Hope this helps..otherwise call Discount Tire and ask them.

PS: give us an intro in the new members area..thanks
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