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Won't start and make hi pitch noise

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I have a 2011 terrain that won't start, took it to a shop and they said it's not a starter, but can't look into it any further. They don't do engine repair. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before. There was no oil in the engine either my oil life % was at 60%.
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Your Oil clock only monitors mileage and time on the oil to determine % of life..not looking at oil level in engine ...that's your job and the idiot light that indicates low oil level...once it gets too low, it won't allow the engine to start..

How in the world did it get so low?

4 cylinder or 6?...These are the nice to know details to have in order to help you.
The mechanic at the one shop said that the 2.4L 4 cylinder has a ring issue so it burns oil. From 1st oil change it used some but not like this wow... I can tell when it's get low normally by how it runs. But this time I didn't hear the same noises.

Took it in to the 2nd shop... Dealership this time and they said it has a timing chain issue.
Holy Cow!..I've not heard of any other 4 bangers in these cars having that issue..But It is what it is...Did you buy from new?..I assume you did...Since you mentioned since the 1st oil change, this problem was evident.

But using that much oil is not normal and GMC should have replaced your engine back in the beginning...Maybe you can make a case and get it fixed or replaced.
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